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LOGIXINVENTER offers both native and hybrid mobile app development services, delivering high-performing mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms

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Recently Completed Projects

FitTrack Health

Developed a native mobile app for FitTrack Health to help users track their fitness activities, monitor health metrics, and connect with fitness trainers. The app features real-time data syncing, personalized workout plans, and social sharing

Healthcare Scheduling App

This app simplifies healthcare services with features like appointment booking, telemedicine integration, and patient records management. It improves patient scheduling and accessibility to healthcare services, offering convenience for both patients and providers.


Created a hybrid mobile app for TravelMate Services to provide users with travel booking options, itinerary management, and local travel guides. The app supports both online and offline functionality, ensuring seamless user experience.

Education and Learning App

This app provides online courses, progress tracking, and interactive quizzes to enhance learning. It increases access to education and engages users in interactive and personalized learning experiences.

Retail Management App

An all-in-one solution for retail operations, this app includes inventory tracking, sales analytics, and customer loyalty programs. It helps retailers streamline operations and enhance customer engagement, leading to increased efficiency and sales.

Real Estate Management App

An app that simplifies property management with property listings, virtual tours, and client management tools. It enhances the property buying and selling process, improving client interactions and decision-making.

E-commerce Platform

A robust e-commerce solution featuring a product catalog, secure payment gateway, and order tracking. It supports online retailers in increasing sales and enhancing customer satisfaction through a seamless shopping experience.

Food Delivery App

An app for food lovers, featuring restaurant listings, order tracking, and in-app payments. It boosts restaurant sales and provides customers with a convenient way to order their favorite meals.

Financial Services App

An app for personal and business financial management, offering budget tracking, expense management, and financial reports. It helps users and businesses manage their finances effectively, providing valuable insights and control over financial activities.

LOGIXINVENTOR excels in mobile application development, creating innovative, user-friendly solutions tailored to diverse industry needs. Our custom apps for retail, healthcare, e-commerce, and real estate feature advanced functionalities, seamless integrations, and robust performance. Committed to excellence, LOGIXINVENTOR optimizes operations, enhances user engagement, and drives business success through cutting-edge technology and expert development.

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